Simple Relocation Only

If you are happy to pack, then our simple relocation can save you money.

A Great Way to Save.

If you take care of the packing, we can handle the lifting and relocation. 

Tips for Correct Packing.

Correct packing increases speed of loading and reduces costs.

Removals and packing
  1. Each box must be taped closed and labeled.
  2. Big Boxes for lite items, small boxes for heavy items.
  3. Any item smaller than bedside table & draws needs to be boxed.
  4. Beds need to be disassembled

    and parts need to be taped together.

  5. Refrigerator and chests of draws need to be emptied and packed up.
  6. Dont forget to pack the shed and garage. 
  7. All Tv’s and electronic goods must be packed in boxes. 
  8. Place all boxes near the front door or in the garage. This will increase speed and save money.
  9. pack all boxes in such a way they can handle the rigerous environment of transport.

“Correct Packing and Packing materials will save you in relocation costs”

We Sell Boxes and Packing Materials

“A small investment on correct suitable packing materials can save you dramaticaly over the total cost of a move”