Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks is constantly being updated. Every day customers amaze us with there new ideas and common mistakes

This page is to help prevent you from making some of these simple yet common mistakes that ultimately lead to additional costs

Over Full boxes drive up coasts

Don't overload Boxes:

Overloading boxes prevents them from being stacked and causes damage to their contents. 


Removals and packing

Correctly loaded Boxes:

Improve efficiency, Speed up the overall move, reduce costs and protect the contents.

Loose Items

Unpacked Clutter:

Is not stackable and will lead to damage, slows down the overall moving time and in the end cost you more.

Suitable Access

Suitable Access:

It is important to think about where the removals truck is going to park. This will have a major effect on the overall cost. If you live in a unit block or inner-city housing it is a good idea to put your bins on the road the night before so the truck can park nice and close to your entry.

Tv Packed

Tv's and Electrical Goods:

Most people don't even pack these items. Unfortunately you do need to pack these as insurance companies will not insure these items if not packed correctly. Proper boxes are available from most storage facilities in your local area.

Pot plants cost more

Pot Plants:

It is common to want to take your Pot Plants. unfortunately not usually cost affective. Due to the fact they can't be stacked, they take up a lot of valuable space on the truck. Consider moving these by car to save on overall costs.